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Extensive experience

We have been successfully working in recruitment and selection for 30 years. We find the right people for our clients!


We would be happy to advise you expertly on your career decision and have an open ear for your concerns!


We treat your application with absolute discretion! This has been a matter of principle for many years.

Success Stories

The most satisfying about my job is to call the candidates a few months after they have been placed in new positions, just to find out that they are happy in their new companies. I remember one specific project, where I was supporting a candidate through a complex recruitment process that went on for months. I was required to show a lot of empathy for the candidat`s situation and I made sure to provide regular status updates to keep the frustration level low. Today, this paticular candidate has already been working in his job for over a year and is more than happy that neither of us gave up back then.

Sonia Arzt Consultant HR Executive Search

One of the best interviews I have ever had. If I would have to recruit candidates for a certain position, I would choose Iventa immediately. I was screened very detailed referring to therequirements of the job opening. The employees are TOP empathic! Thank you for the interviews! As applicant I could also learn a lot.

Applicantkununu review

We successfully placed the position „Head of accounting“ at a small and medium-sized enterprise. The challenge was, to gain a candidate, who was very sceptical minded against Consultants. The reason was that another Consulant once informed her that she would have no chance for management positions without university degree and that she therefore would not be interesting for companies. We had lots of efforts to persuade the candidate and inspire confidence. But we succeeded! Both, the candidate (who has been working there since six years now) and the company are happy!

Irma BrazdaManaging Director HR Consulting / Executive Search

I was contacted already one day after my application and was offered an interesting position. The first interview took place within the same week and one week later I already signed my working contract. I can highly recommend Iventa with its employees. They handle candidates professional, respectful and also cordial.

Katharina H.Applicant

Throughout the application process, good preparation is the key: it’s important for applicants but also for myself as consultant. We held a hearing for a general manager position in our offices. My goal was to enable the candidates to perform with confidence and high spirits. Therefore I put much emphasis on preparing the candidates and planning the hearing with precision. The hearing ended up running like clockwork an all applicants presented themselves extremely well. The final choice was made there and then, and the client found the process to have been “excellent“. The chosen person is now in full swing in the new job!

Halla MixaSenior Consultant HR Executive Search

Iventa presented itself as a familiar and dynamic company. The contact person were very professional. My first interview has been taken place in a very pleasant and open atmosphere.

Susanna D.Applicant

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What is the advantage of making an application to a human resources consultancy such as Iventa?

If you want to make a change in your professional life, it makes sense to broaden your search. The advantage of making an application to Iventa is that we have years of experience in recruitment. We know the market and the requirements of our clients and we are very good at assessing who would be a good fit for our clients. This also gives you access to the hidden job market. Many of our search requests are never advertised in public, for example, due to requirements for discretion within the company. We then engage our professional research team, whose role it is to search the market for candidates with a great deal of tact and flair and to actively approach suitable candidates and open up new prospects for them.

What is the application process like?

As soon as we have received your CV via our applicant portal, we will check whether your qualifications match the requirements of our clients. Where appropriate, we will carry out a short pre-selection interview by telephone before inviting you to a personal interview at our site. If you are interested in the position and the company, we will pass your documentation on to our client. One or several interviews will then take place on the premises of our client until you have agreed on an offer. Of course, we will work with you throughout the entire process in an advisory capacity.

How long will it be before I receive a response?

This depends on the project. In some cases, we will pass the documentation on to our client directly. In such cases, we have no direct influence on the selection process within the company. Nonetheless, we will endeavour to obtain information for you quickly which we can then pass on your way.

If the pre-selection process takes place with an in-house consultant, we will generally get back to you within a week. Following the personal interviews with us or our client, you will receive information about how the project will proceed immediately. If you wish to receive information more quickly, please contact us immediately.

Do I need to send a covering letter with my application?

Writing a letter will give your application the personal touch! It will allow you to stand out from the other candidates and to describe in your words why you are applying for the selected position. Ensure that you rework your letter for each application and personalise it. We would recommend that your letter is as emotional as possible.

What are restriction notices?

We will place restriction notices on companies for which you do not wish to work under any circumstances and which you want to explicitly exclude from your application. This information is very valuable to us as many Iventa advertisements are non-transparent, i.e. the client cannot be named in the first step of the application. It is therefore important that you indicate your current employer in your CV. We can therefore protect your applications accordingly for non-transparent advertisements.

Can I send my application to Iventa via email?

Please send your application via our applications portal, as you are also required to confirm your agreement with our data protection policy. In just three steps, you can enter your data manually there and/or upload your documents. By doing so, we can include you in the application process immediately and offer you a quick and professional service.

Is there an option to make an application when there is no suitable advertised role?

If you are not able to find a suitable advertisement on our applicant portal, we will be happy to accept a speculative application. Fill in the two fields on the applicant portal on ‘Send a speculative application’. The fields ‘Professional fields’ and ‘regions’ are required so that we can process your application as quickly as possible.

Is it also possible to receive information on my application by telephone?

If there are no data protection reasons to prevent us from doing so, we will also assist you by telephone as much as possible.

Can I have my data deleted or receive information on the use of my data?

Yes, you can request that your data be deleted on our website www.bewerben.iventa.eu

How is the data I provide processed?

The operator of this website takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We handle your personal data on a confidential basis and in accordance with the statutory data privacy regulations and this data protection policy.

Who can I contact if I have a technical problem with my application? e.g. if the document upload doesn’t work?

If you have questions on technical problems, please contact Claudia Raimann on +43 1 523 49 44 – 217. She will attempt to assist you without delay.

I haven’t received a confirmation email? Has my application arrived?

If you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact Claudia Raimann on +43 1 523 49 44 -217.

How can I change/delete my job subscription?

In order to change the settings of your job subscription, please unsubscribe from your existing subscription and activate a new job subscription. You can unsubscribe from your job subscription directly from your job subscription email.

For questions regarding the application process, please contact:


Claudia Raimann


+43 1 523 49 44 – 217
Seidengasse 9-11
1070 Vienna

request for information / deletion according to GDPR

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